Health Communication Capacity Collaborative (HC3) Nepal

Period: February 01, 2015 to Sept 30, 2017

Type: Monitor, Appraisal, Administer, Human Resource

Collaborating Agency: USAID


Despite the many barriers to access health services in Nepal, the government has made considerable progress in improving the reproductive health of its people over the last two decades. There has been substantial progress in reducing maternal mortality, under-five mortality and the total fertility rate.

The HC3 Nepal Project was four-year, $5-million project that focused on youth, adolescents, migrants and marginalized and disadvantaged groups. The national-level project worked closely with the National Health Education Information Communication Centre (NHEICC), which is in charge of national SBCC efforts and the Family Health Division (FHD), to support comprehensive, targeted SBCC campaigns and advocacy among these groups. HC3 Nepal also developed the overall institutional and technical capacity of NHEICC with the ultimate goal of improving reproductive health outcomes in Nepal. The project also provided expertise in social and behavior change for gender equity, environment, democracy and governance. The project addresses a number of pressing health needs: family planning; reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health; HIV and AIDS; malaria; Ebola and Zika.

Scope of Work

  • Hire and administer field staff for project
  • Validation of monthly time sheets, bank record documentation for payroll expenditures
  • Provide time reports showing the total number of hours worked for each of Consultant’s employee
  • Monitor supervision reports, required receipts, and all other required reports