Management Support Services Pvt. Ltd (MASS), established in 1985, is dedicated to the efficient management and the consulting services to the government, bilateral & multilateral agencies and the private sectors. With over two decades of experience in consulting services, MASS has been established as a formidable institution in providing project management services for bilateral and multilateral agencies.

MASS is a local partner of bilateral and international agencies engaged in organizing and managing their resources to ensure that resource deliver the project goal within the defined scope, quality, time and cost constraints. We have undertaken multitude of management and consulting projects in the collaboration with the government, donor agencies, NGOs, INGOs and different private sector businesses.

In addition, we are persistently initiating different management and consulting services to facilitate the collaborating partners focus in their core work.


“To be a local trusted partner and an advisor in creating a distinct impact by making small beneficial changes in the most basic level”


  • We value tacit knowledge entrenched in our organizational framework developed from more than two decades of experience to be unique and difficult to duplicate. Also, our Knowledge is not static.
  • We believe that the most innovative knowledge of today will ultimately become the basic knowledge of tomorrow. Thus, placing ourselves in a competitive position requires continual learning and knowledge acquisition. This process involves learning from the past failures and the mistakes.
  • The ability of our organization to learn, accumulate knowledge from our experiences, and reapply that knowledge is a critical success factor of our organization.


The foundation of our success has always been based upon the following values:

  • We believe that the widely accepted opinions are not always true. We have courage to interfere and come out with the most realistic remedy to the problems.
  • We keep overall client ’s interest ahead of us, that is, we under promise but over deliver.
  • We tell the truth as we see. We admit our mistakes and do whatever it needs to reduce the impact. We believe that making mistakes as learning process by unlearning and not repeating.
  • We maintain high standards for our services by sincerely delivering best of our firm to every client as cost effectively as we can.
  • We believe in team building and collaboration, and team has better judgment than individuals. Our team is ethically strong, pragmatic in approach, diversity in thinking.
  • We believe in professionalism by providing accurate information, not revealing confidential information of our client, being accountable and transparent to the fund and catering prompt delivery of our services.


  • We attribute our progress to our diversified hard working team . We have a wide network of qualified consultants and affiliates including financial experts, public health experts, management experts.
  • We have unparallel field or community level knowledge of the most inaccessible localities of the country. In the course of catering managerial and logistical assistance, our team visited all the districts and Village Development Committees (VDCs) of the country even in the most fragile situation.
  • MASS have more than 650 person year of field or community level experiences. Additionally, our team has profound know how to support different activities under different Divisions of Department of Health Services (DOHS) and Ministry of Health and Population (MOHP).
  • We hire and train human resources under periodic contract basis to cope with the need to field level support. Our dedicated team has the localized knowledge to execute the programs in the most meaningful way.