FHI360 Ghar Ghar Maa Swasthya (GGMS) Project

23 Jun 2014

Period: July 16, 2014 to March 16, 2014

Type: Fixed Price Purchase Order

Contract No: PO# 4329-420-P-45

Collaborating Agency: Family Health International (FHI 360)


GGMS project supports the Child Health Division (CHD) and National Health Education, Information and Communication Center (NHEICC) by dissemination of communication messages to providers and consumers on the new treatment protocols for uncomplicated diarrhea of children under five years of age.

Scope of work:

  • Coordination with the government and partner organizations by arranging meetings and other communication mechanisms as and when needed
  • Coordination with FHI360/GGMS to get approvals from NHEICC for the TV Advertisements, Radio, Advertisements
  • Media monitoring and adherence to advertisement schedule
  • Coordination with FHI360/GGMS to get approval from NHEICC for poster promoting use of Chlorhexidine Gel (Navi Malam) service providers for cord care of newborns
  • Collaboration with promotional agencies
  • Distributing communication and promotional materials to intended target groups
  • Coordination with logistic management divisions to ensure distribution of the ORS+zinc and Chlorhexidine Gel
  • Managing and organizing the workshop