Ghar Ghar Maa Swasthya (GGMS) project

Period: April 16, 2014 to May 19, 2014

Type: Fixed Price Purchase Order

Contract No: PO# 4329-01-P-36

Collaborating Agency:Family Health International (FHI 360)


Three-day residential creative workshop and 1 night / 2 days residential post workshop meeting with the government and concerned partner organizations for developing BCC materials and messages to create awareness and motivate the use of ORS + zinc for treatment of uncomplicated diarrhea in children under the age of 5 years, and Chlorhexidine Gel as umbilical cord care in newborns.

Scope of work

  • assisting FHI360/GGMS to coordinate
  • managing and organizing the workshop
  • facilitate presentation of creative agencies
  • facilitate group discussion and note taking
  • providing meeting allowance, transportation expenses and per diem for all participation
  • arranging transportation for all participant
  • arranging lodging and meal for all the participants
  • handling photo and video recording of the entire workshop
  • making 5-minute video report
  • writing final report with pictures